European CME Forum podcast episodes

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14ECF and European and global CME

**NEW** 14ECF highlights – 3-legged stool reflection (14ECF faculty)

14ECF Round-up with Ron Murray (Ron Murray)
14ECF – Industry and medical education (Dean Jenkins)
14ECF Workshop – The good, the bad, the ugly: How to create IME in Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States (Dean Beals)
14ECF – The Third Leg (Ron Murray)
14ECF – The Second Leg (Robin Stevenson)
14ECF Workshop – International collaboration in online Continuing Medical Education across the Americas (Alvaro Margolis)
14ECF – The First Leg (Lawrence Sherman)
Approaching the 14th Annual European CME Forum (Ron Murray and Eugene Pozniak)


Journal of European CME (JECME)

JECME 2021 Special Collection (Part 1) (Robin Stevenson, Peter Henning and Reinhard Griebenow)
JECME 2021 Special Collection (Part 2) (Robin Stevenson, Peter Henning and Reinhard Griebenow)


Webinars of the Good CME Practice group (gCMEp)

**LATEST** What does independent mean in Independent Medical Education (IME)? (Eugene Pozniak, Dianan van Brackel, Monica Ghidinelli)
The CME accreditation landscape in Europe (Froukje Sosef, Eugene Pozniak and Margarita Velcheva)
Developing an accredited educational activity (Monica Ghidinelli, Celeste Kolanko and Sophie Wilson)
From clinician to educator: why? (Margarita Velcheva, Froukje Sosef and Thomas Kleinoeder)



13th Annual European CME Forum: looking back, looking forward (Ron Murray and Eugene Pozniak)

The episodes below are brief highlights from each of the plenary sessions and workshops
Reflection – Session 1 – Measuring outcomes and publishing in CME (Don Moore and Robin Stevenson)
Reflection – Workshop 1a – Identifying factors in success in online learning (Miriam Uhlmann)
Reflection – Workshop 1b – CME/CPD outcomes in oncology: A global perspective (Ann Lichti)
Reflection – Workshop 1c – Digitising interprofessional collaboration (Julie-Lyn Noël)
Reflection – Session 2 – Evolving collaborations between medical societies and industry in the digitalisation of congresses (Eva Thalmann, Arthur Cannon, Christian-Claus Roth and Dale Kummerle)
Reflection – Workshop 2a – What does the industry expect in good IME? (Elizabeth Kelly)
Reflection – Workshop 2b – Importance of informal learning and how this changed in a digital world (Jonas Nordquist)
Reflection – Workshop 2c – Why is industry involved in medical education and learning? (Damian Largier)
Reflection – Session 3 – The role and shape of congresses in the digital age (Julia Rautenstruch, Isabel Bardinet, João Grenho and Robin Stevenson)
Reflection – Workshop 3a – The extended event: Using technology to reach and engage a diverse audience (Jann Balmer)
Reflection – Workshop 3b – Patients as teachers and COI as a side-effect: How to do it right? (Marcin Rodzinka)
Reflection – Workshop 3c – How to provide a truly interprofessional education for clinicians? (Sam Kynman)
Reflection – Session 4 – Standards for substantive equivalency between CPD/CME accreditation systems (Graham McMahon, Hilary Hoey and Reinhard Griebenow)
Reflection – Workshop 4a – Getting an Activity Accredited in Europe  (Mia Neve)
Reflection – Workshop 4b – Process-orientated simulations: A gift to quality and safety (James Ruiter)
Reflection – Workshop 4c – Adapting to new opportunities in medical education: from f2f to virtual (Margarita Velcheva)
Reflection – Session 5 – Rapid change and adaptivity: the new essential competencies for CME-CPD providers (Sophie Wilson, Thomas Kleinoeder, Miriam Uhlmann, Margarita Velcheva, Mia Neve, Miriam Uhlmann and Monica Ghidinelli)
Reflection – Workshop 5a – Developing a pathway for your professional development (Steven Kawczak)
Reflection – Workshop 5b – The future is now (Suzanne Murray)
Reflection – Session 6 – Why do we do what we do? (Lawrence Sherman, Trevor Gibbs, Kathy Chappell and Mark Westwood)

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