13th Annual European CME Forum

13th European CME Forum (#13ECF) – Virtual

European and global CME: What next?

In November 2020 as the UK went into its second Covid lockdown and we awaited the results of the US Presidential election, we gathered online for the 13th Annual European CME Forum. The theme was: “European and global CME: What next?”  and was led by a faculty of 70 international CME and medical education experts. The meeting was split into six sections, each one with a Plenary session that was led by one of our traditional stakeholder groups: accreditors, European medical societies, industry, and professional providers, with a session led by JECME and a final summary Plenary.

You can view the Educational Materials section, which acted as our online meeting book, here.

We also created the 13ECF Meeting Archive, which contains over 18 hours of presentations and discussions, with the associated supporting material. Participants at 13ECF, as well as people registering for 14ECF have full access to this (use the email you registered with). You can also find highlights on our YouTube channel and Podcast.



Delegate Brochure
Delegate Brochure

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See below for agenda, presentations and posters.

Outline programme

Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th November 2020

The theme this year was “European and global CME: What next?”

We structured the meeting into 6 sessions, each 2 hours long. The opening Plenary of each session was led by members of the key stakeholder group from our CME community: accreditors, medical societies, industry and professional providers, as well as the leadership of the Journal of European CME.


Michel Ballieu (BioMed Alliance), Jann Balmer (University of Virginia), James Bannister (Liberum IME), Francisco Baptista (University of Lisbon), Isabel Bardinet (European Society of Cardiology – ESC), Diana van Brakel (Kenes), Jamiu Busari (Horacio Oduber Hospital), Arthur Cannon (Roche), Celine Carrera (EIT Health), Kathy Chappell (American Nurses Credentialing Center – ANCC), Heather Davis (East Kent Hospital), Camilla De Filippi (Siyemi Learning), Chris Elmitt (Crystal Interactive), Amy Farr (European Respiratory Society)Pamela Funes (Kenes), Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation), Trevor Gibbs (AMEE), João Grenho (European Union of Medical Specialists – European Accreditation Council for CME, UEMS-EACCME) Reinhard Griebenow (European Cardiology Section Foundation)Hilary Hoey (Royal College of Physicians of Ireland), Eva Hofstädter-Thalmann (Janssen Cilag), Patricia Jassak (Astellas), Dean Jenkins (UCB), Adrian Jennings (Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians), Steven Kawczak (Cleveland Clinic), Elizabeth Kelly (Eli Lilly), Thomas Kleinoeder (KWHC)Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME), Dale Kummerle (Independent), Sam Kynman (European Pain Federation – EFIC), Damian Largier (Pfizer), Alesa Lehmann Ivancic (MSD), Ann Lichti (Physicians Education Resource – PER), Katie Stringer Lucero (Medscape WebMD)Alvaro Margolis (EviMed), Pamela Mason (AstraZeneca)Graham McMahon (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education – ACCME), Don Moore (Vanderbilt University), Bart Morlion (European Pain Federation-EFIC), Ron Murray (Independent), Suzanne Murray (AXDEV)Mia Neve (Liberum IME), Julie-Lyn Nöel (EUROSPINE), Margareta Nordin (EUROSPINE), Jonas Nordquist (Karolinska Institutet), Jason Olivieri (Med-IQ), Juan Palou (European School of Urology), Sophie Peloquin (AXDEV), Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum), Julia Rautenstrauch (EULAR), Marcin Rodzinka (Mental Health Europe), Christian-Claus Roth (Novartis), James Ruiter (Salus Global), Olga Salvidio (Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany), Paul Scheffer (Formindep), Janvi Sharma (PER), Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global), Robin Stevenson (Journal of European CME – JECME)Chitra Subramanian (AO Foundation; Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions – ACEhp), Lisa Sullivan (Invivo Academy), Phil Talamo (PER), Miriam Uhlmann (AO Foundation), Jo Varney (Ogilvy Health), Margarita Velcheva (Kenes; Good CME Practice group – gCMEp), David Vodušek (BioMed Alliance; European Academy of Neurology), Wendy Walsh (Wolters Kluwer, UpToDate)Mark Westwood (Barts Health), Ellie White (Health Action International), Jane Wiedler (AO Foundation), Sophie Wilson (International Medical Press)

Educational Materials section (Meeting book)

Visit the Educational Materials micro-site that was our Meeting book for this year’s meeting.

Online archive

Registered participants from 13ECF and 14ECF can access it here.


Posters and presentations by the authors can be found in the Educational Materials section.

Day 1: Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Session 1

Opening of the 13th Annual European CME Forum, Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum)
[Download presentation]

What do you want to know? A live needs assessment, to ensure the meeting addresses the key questions, topics and concerns the participants identify, with Chris Elmitt (Crystal Interactive) and Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global)

Evaluating outcomes, putting theory into practice, review of the 2020 JECME Special Collection, led by Don Moore (Vanderbilt University; Guest Editor JECME) and Robin Stevenson (Editor-in-Chief, JECME). Interviewing selected paper authors, Katie Lucero (Medscape), Reinhard Griebenow (ECSF), Wendy Walsh (UpToDate/Wolters Kluwer), Lisa Sullivan (inVivo Academy) , Jason Olivieri (MedIQ) and James Bannister (Liberum IME)
[for the papers and interviews with the authors visit JECME]

Breakout Workshops 1

Identifying factors for success in online learning, led by Miriam Uhlmann (AO Foundation), with Amy Farr (European Respiratory Society), Jo Varney (Ogilvy Health) and Jane Wiedler (AO Foundation)
[Download presentation]

CME-CPD outcomes in oncology: a global perspective, led by Ann Lichti, with Janvi Sharma and Phil Talamo (PER)
[Download presentation]

Digitising interprofessional collaboration, led by Julie-Lyn Nöel (EUROSPINE), with Jamiu Busari (Maastricht University; Horacio Oduber Hospital), Margareta Nordin (EUROSPINE) and Francisco Baptista (Francisco Serrano Baptista Consulting)
[Download Busari presentation][Busari paper][Download Nordin presentation][Download worksheets]

Session 2

Evolving collaboration between medical societies and industry in the digitalisation of congresses, led by Eva Thalmann (Janssen; Chair, iPACME; Chair, EFPIA Working Group on Medical Education), with Christian-Claus Roth (Novartis) and Arthur Cannon (Roche)
[Download presentation]

Breakout Workshops 2 

What does industry expect in good IME? led by Pamela Mason (AstraZeneca)
[Download presentation]

The importance of informal learning and how this has changed in a digital world, led by Jonas Nordquist (Karolinska Institutet), with Céline Carrera (EIT Health), Dean Jenkins (UCB) and Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME)

Why is industry involved in medical education and learning? led by Damian Larger (Pfizer) with Alesa Lehmann Ivancic (Merck, Sharp & Dohme) and Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum)
[Download presentation]

Day 2: Thursday, 5 November 2020

Session 3

The role and shape of congresses in the digital age, led by David Vodušek (BioMed Alliance; EAN) and Michel Ballieu (BioMed Alliance), with Isabel Bardinet (ESC), João Grenho (UEMS-EACCME),  Juan Palou (ESU/EAU), Julia Rautenstrauch (EULAR) and Robin Stevenson (JECME)
[Download Palou presentation]

Breakout Workshops 3

The extended event: using technology to reach and engage a diverse audience, led by Alvaro Margolis (EviMed) and Jann Balmer (University of Virginia)
[Download presentation]

Patients as teachers and COI as a side effect: How to do it right? led by Marcin Rodzinka (Mental Health Europe), with Paul Scheffer and Ellie White 

Implementing effective interprofessional education in a medical society, led by Sam Kynman and Bart Morlion (European Pain Federation – EFIC)
[Download presentation]

Session 4

Standards for substantive equivalency between CME/CPD accreditation systems, led by Graham McMahon (ACCME), with Hilary Hoey (RCPI), Adrian Jennings (RCP) and Reinhard Griebenow (ECSF)
[Download presentation]

Breakout Workshops 4

Getting an activity accredited in Europe, led by Mia Neve (Liberum IME), with Camilla De Filippi (Siyemi Learning) and Monica Ghidinelli (AO Foundation)
[Download presentation]

Process-oriented in situ simulations: a gift to quality and safety, led by James Ruiter (Salus Global)
[Download presentation][Download simulation examples]

Adapting to new opportunities in medical education: from f2f to virtualwith Diana van Brackel and Margarita Velcheva (Kenes)
[Download presentation]

Day 3: Friday, 6 November 2020

Session 5

Rapid change and adaptivity: the new essential competencies of CME-CPD providers, led by Margarita Velcheva (Good CME Practice group; Kenes), with Pamela Funes (Kenes), Thomas Kleinoeder (KWHC), Mia Neve (Liberum IME), Miriam Uhlman (AO Foundation) and Sophie Wilson (IMP)
[Download presentation]

Breakout Workshops 5

Developing a pathway for your professional development, led by Steven Kawczak (Cleveland Clinic) and Chitra Subramanian (AO Foundation; ACEhp)
[Download presentation]

The future is now, led by Suzanne Murray (AXDEV), with Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME) and Dale Kummerle (GAME)
[Download presentation]

Session 6

Why do we do what we do? a panel discussion and final Q&A moderated by Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global) with Kathy Chappell (ANCC), Trevor Gibbs (AMEE) and Mark Westwood (Barts Health)
[Download Chappell presentation][Download Gibbs presentation][Download Westwood presentation]

What next? final words from Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum)
[Download presentation]



Using case-based micro-podcasts as a tool to create teachable moments and interest in further education

Ilana Hardesty, Lynne Callea,Tara Hill

Standardizing outcomes assessment: Demonstrating the power of comparative outcomes data
Wendy Cerenzia, Desirae Janowiak, Annette Triebel, Richie Castles, Scott Williams

Content curation: A method to monitor CME/CPD at global level
Gilbert Faure, Augusto Machado


Workplace related CME and community health: retrospective analysis of prescription rates for antiplatelet therapy (APT) in coronary artery disease (CAD) in a German Disease Management Program (DMP)
Reinhard Griebenow, Bernd Hagen


Get your evidence first: Informing evidence-based educational interventions with rigorous needs assessments

Olga Salvidio, Sophie Peloquin, Patrice Lazure, Suzanne Murray
Selected for Oral Presentation


Improving clinical handover for new patient admissions across two surgical wards over the period of 9 months

Zaina Salahuddin, Heather Davis, Jaideep Rait
Selected for Oral Presentation

Implementing and improving the first phase of virtual on call module to Transition to F1 teaching block for final year medical students at a teaching hospital over the period of 3 months
Zaina Salahuddin, Oliver Tamblin


Evaluating and Addressing Learners’ Needs in an Emerging Subspecialty: Insights from the European Cardio-Oncology Symposium (ECOS)
Anne Jacobson, Cara Macfarlane, Eugene Pozniak

Commercial support

This activity was supported by an independent educational grant from Pfizer.

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