12th Annual European CME Forum

12ECF book cover12th European CME Forum (#12ECF) – Manchester

Promoting a culture of learning

In November 2019 about 100 people gathered in our home town, on the campus of the University of Manchester, for a highly discursive and engaging meeting. The theme this year was “Promoting a culture of learning”, building on messages from our recent meetings that CME should focus on high quality, relevant and effective learning rather than the acquisition of certificates.



Conference Report
Conference Report

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Delegate Brochure

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Outline programme

Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th November 2019

The theme this year was “Promoting a culture of learning”.

The topic was approached from three perspectives:

  • Micro-practice: CME from the perspective of the learner
  • Meso-practice: collaborations, partnerships and interprofessional approaches in CME-CPD
  • Macro-practice: regulatory, compliance, government and population considerations.

We borrowed this micro-meso-macro approach from the social sciences, but it is an interesting analytical approach we are increasingly seeing in our own areas of interest, from Patient Reported Outcomes to Quality Improvement programmes. After each of the breakout workshop sessions there was a moderated Reflection session in the main plenary room, where the outcomes of each of the workshops were presented and explored further as a group.


Jeanette Andersen (Lupus Europe), Jann Balmer (University of Virginia), Diana van Brakel (Kenes), Celine Carera (European Society of Cardiology – ESC), Chris Elmitt (Crystal Interactive), Leonard Harvey (UEMS-EACCME), Steven Kawczak (Cleveland Clinic; Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions – ACEhp), Gretchen Keefer (The Micron Group), Thomas Kellner (UCB), Thomas Kleinoeder (KWHC)Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME)Jyothis Manalayil (Salford Royal Hospital), Don Moore (Vanderbilt University), Mia Neve (Liberum IME), Julie-Lyn Nöel (EUROSPINE), Alexander Oldroyd (Salford Royal Hospital)Helga Ovens (Lupus Europe), Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum), Kate Regnier (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education – ACCME), Thomas Roux (University College Dublin), Niall Rundle (Taylor & Francis)Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global), Minal Singh (Salford Royal Hospital; University of Manchester Medical School)Michel Smith (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – RCPSC), Jörg Stein (European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology – EBAC)Robin Stevenson (Journal of European CME – JECME), Brendan Strong (European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons – ESCRS), Jecko Thachil (Manchester Royal Infirmary), Miriam Uhlmann (AO Foundation)Margarita Velcheva (Kenes; Good CME Practice group – gCMEp), David Vodušek (European Academy of Neurology)Sophie Wilson (International Medical Press).


Day 1: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Time to get acquainted: working as an education provider in the European CME environment  
Pre-conference orientation session for people new to CME-CPD and/or the European CME Forum, led by Margarita Velcheva, Diana van Brackel (Kenes) and members of the Good CME Practice group. [Download presentation]


OPENING of the 12th Annual European CME Forum
Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum) [Download presentation]

Progress towards a shared set of standards for accredited CPD: a report from the International Academy for CPD Accreditation – led by Kate Regnier (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education – ACCME), Michel Smith (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – RCPSC) and Jörg Stein (European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology – EBAC) [Download presentation][Download handout]

MICRO workshops

  • Professional development of the CPD professional – Steven Kawczak (Cleveland Clinic) [Download presentation]
  • The master adaptive learner – led by Don Moore (Vanderbilt University), with Celine Carrera (European Society of Cardiology – ESC)Brendan Strong (European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons – ESCRS)Jecko Thachil (Manchester Royal Infirmary), Mini Singh (Salford Royal Hospital; University of Manchester Medical School) [Download presentation][Download handout]
  • The voice of the patient in educating the healthcare team – Jeanette Anderson and Helga Ovens (Lupus Europe) [Download presentation][Download handout]


Day 2: Thursday 7 November 2019

Opening of Day 2
Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum) [Download presentation]

Oral presentation – Jyo Manalayil (Salford Royal Hospital) [Download presentation]

MESO workshops

  • Creating a learning organisation – Miriam Uhlmann (AO Foundation) [Download presentation]
  • Applying the capacity building model to Continuing Professional Development – a real world example  Gretchen Keefer (The Micron Group) and Jann Balmer (University of Virginia)
  • The changing life of the CME provider in Europe: what’s new? Sophie Wilson (IMP) and Mia Neve (Liberum IME) [Download presentation]

Lunch with the Learners
Guided by Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global), with Alex Oldroyd and Jyo Manalayil (Salford Royal Hospital).

MACRO workshops

  • The evolving role of specialist societies in Europe – led by Julie-Lyn Nöel (EUROSPINE) [Download presentation]
  • Round the CPD world in 90 minutes – led by Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global)
  • Preparing the medical education community for the healthcare evolution and its impact on medicine – Thomas Kellner (UCB) and Celeste Kolanko (Liberum IME) [Download presentation]


Day 3: Friday 8 November 2019

Opening of Day 3
Robin Stevenson (Journal of European CME – JECME)

Oral presentation by Thomas Roux (University College Dublin) [Download presentation]

Corridor consult
Chris Elmitt (Crystal Interactive) chaired the discussion with Leonard Harvey (UEMS-EACCME), Thomas Kellner (UCB), Margarita Velcheva (Kenes; Good CME Practice group) and David Vodušek (European Academy of Neurology)

The CME Unsession – led by Lawrence Sherman (AMEE; Meducate Global) [Download handout]

Meeting close – Eugene Pozniak (European CME Forum) [Download presentation]




Commercial support

This activity was supported by an independent educational grant from Pfizer.


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